Peter Forsskal: Thoughts on Civil Liberty
  Northern Declarations of Freedom of the Press: The Relative Importance of Philosophical Ideas and of Local Politics
  Jonas Nordin, John Christian Laursen
  Journal of the History of Ideas, Volume 81, April 2020, pp 217-237 (Article)
  Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press
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  "The cause of mankind - The American Revolution changed the world, and it isn’t finished yet".
  Sean Collins
  Spiked, Oct 2017
  Ere Nokkala, From Natural Law to Political Economy: J.H.G. von Justi on State, Commerece and International Order(2019), p 158:
  'Justi was also acquainted with Peter Forsskal (1732 - 1763) who was one of the radicals of the Cap Party thsat challenged the phikosophical, economic and political orthodoxy of the aristocracy's Hat Party. Justi's and Forsskal's evaluation of the situation of Sweden coincided: both of them saw Sweden degenerating in to an aristocratic tyranny.'
  Freedom of Expression - Foundational Documents and Historical Arguments
  Compiled with an Introduction by Stephen A. Smith
  Oxbridge Research Associates 2018
  Entry entitled "Peter Forsskål, Thoughts on Civil Liberties (1759)" page 121/2
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  "Catha edulis Forsk" and Freedom of Information: a short note on an early FoI pioneer
  David Goldberg, 2003
  The Legacy of Peter Forsskål: 250 Years of Freedom of Expression
  Publication Date: August 2017
  Publisher: Nordicom
  Research and Editorial Team: Ulla Carlsson, David Goldberg (editors)
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  Freedom of Speech and Information in Global Perspective (2017)
  Pekka Hallberg & Janne Virkkunen
  Peter Forsskål is discussed on p 68:
  Institute for Human Rights Åbo Akademi University Turku/Åbo 2014,   fn 16
  Juha Mustonen, The World's First Freedom of Information Act, p 29
 Prepares List of FOI Quotations - first one is para 21 of Tankar..
  Democracy and Media Decadence (2013)
  John Keane
  John Keane, discussing David Hume’s essay ’Of the Liberty of the Press’, cites Forsskal: ’Sweden’s path-breaking Freedom of the Printing Press Act 1766 was anticipated by Peter Forsskal’
  Democracy and Media Decadence, Cambridge University Press 2013, p 219, fn 9
  Peter Forsskål, a Radical Enlightener
  Vesa Oittinen
  Wolff, Charlotta / Kaitaro, Timo / Ahokas, Minna (eds.),
  The Enlightenment (Peter Lang, 2012), p133
  Freedom of Speech: The History of an Idea (2011)
  Elizabeth Powers, ed.
  Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press
  The essays in this volume portray the debates concerning freedom of speech in eighteenth-century France and Britain as well as in Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Spain and its American territories." Included in the List of important press freedom writings from the 18th century is "Thoughts on Civil Liberty", p. 205.
  The Magazine of the Scottish Swedish Society
  December 2011
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  Peter Forsskål - kansalaisvapauden puolustaja ja hattuvallan kriitikko
  SASS News & Notes
  The Official News Bulletin of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study
  September 2010 - Volume 37 - Number 2
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  Review of "Thoughts on Civil Liberty"
  Thomas Munck, University of Glasgow
  Reproduced from Scandinavica - An International Journal of Scandinavian Studies (Vol 51, No.1, 2012)
Thomas Munck Review
Thomas Munck Review
  Review of "Thoughts on Civil Liberty"
  Matthew Norris
  Reproduced from Sjuttonhundratal (2012) (pp197 -199)
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