Peter Forsskal: Thoughts on Civil Liberty
1766 Law
  The most recent translation into English was done by Ian Giles and Peter Graves, Scandinavian Studies, University of Edinburgh and released on 7th October 2016 in Edinburgh.
  The translators wish to acknowledge the suggestions of Jonas Nordin, KB, Stockholm.
  Please click here for this translation.
  For the original text of the 1766 law, please click here.
  The first ever translation was made into English by Peter Hogg, then Head of the Scandinavian Section of the British Library;
  (The actual text starts at Page 8)
Chronologically, the second ever translation was made into Ukrainian (from the English) by the Council of Europe office in Kyiv, September 2016.
  For this Ukranian translation please click here. The translation was done by Andrii Chornomorchenko.